Trauma Anesthesia

Two ambulances parked at a hospital

One third of U.S. hospital admissions are related to trauma. Half of trauma deaths occur immediately and another 30% of deaths occur within a few hours of the injury. Many trauma victims require immediate surgery, and quick access to a Level I Trauma Center will improve the patient's outcome. These trauma centers have a full range of medical and surgical sub-specialists and equipment available 24-hours a day. At ECAA, our anesthesiologists are particularly adept at resuscitation of trauma patients, because we are the only Level I Trauma Center east of I-95. The "Level I Trauma Center" designation also means that the hospital conforms to the highest state and national standards for trauma care. As the Level I Trauma Center for the eastern North Carolina region, this center is responsible for the development and maintenance of a coordinated trauma system in eastern North Carolina and is the site of the Eastern Regional Advisory Committee (ERAC).